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  2. Knowledge and truth can be much more painful than living life through blissfully ignorant eyes where all is good and all is peace happily being guided by those who love to control those weak minded enough to bow to their “power”

  3. This needs to be my school xp


  4. Tired and tangled

    1. No not tangled like the movie, more like the break up that feels. . Confusing. i mean you broke up don't want me as you had me but wishes to remain friends and keep in his life although the obvious answer is easy. . Just walk away and clean your hands of the trouble and pain. .i still feel live for him and I just have to much nostalgia clouding my judgement so i can't melt walk away..I'm trapped and the longer i stay the father into the rabbit hole i go confused, lost, and very emotional. I can't let go although the tighter i hold on the more pain i know is coming my way one the fog has lifted and all will be laid out clearly before my own eyes.
  6. Can I just have him? Please? Haha i love cry baby

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  10. Love this movie! Love this book! Just love love love !!

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